Thursday, 7 June 2007

Patterns e-mailed

I've e-mailed all hte patterns out. I hope i havent missed any this time. I've been a lot more careful this time to make sure I don't leave anyone out. e-mail me if you don't get the pattern though.

Also I forgot to convert the MS word file to pdf before i sent it out. If you need a pdf please e-mail me and I'll send you a pdf version.

Any problems with the pattern please let me know. I feel with the trip to Norway and everything things got a bit rushed and I'm worried I haven't checked the patterns for typos as carefully as I'd like so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed this month. Let me know if you spot any problems.

Hope you all get lots of time for knitting this weekend. I'm off to bed now, as I'm exhausted.

Nite all!

I must apologise for the photos. I really struggled to get any decent photos of these socks. They're so much nice in 'real life'. They're zig zag lace separated by purl stitches giving them a nice 'rib stretch'.


Mia said...

I have printed out the toe up version and hopefully can get it started this weekend. Now to decide on yarn.

Connie said...

Got the pattern! Question - when you say they worked up a little large? Do they run larger than last month's large size? I have a foot that is 9 1/2" circumference. Thanks

dove said...

I am going to enjoy knitting this new pattern very much. You did a wonderful design as was the last pattern.

Happiness is due you now. With all the things you have been doing, it will calm and give you some peace.

I better get knitting now. Take care and things will get better.


Harrysmum said...

The new pattern looks lovely - Thanks for all you hard and tenacity after what has been a pretty tough time for you :-(
I can't wait to get going on them - DD has been nagging me for socks so I might have to do a scaled down version for her... wish me luck!
Thanks again!


Jackie Knits said...
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Jackie Knits said...

I think this will be a good sock for the Dancing yarn I started to use for last month's socks. I'm gonna get started tonite!!

I will be doing it toe-up but perhaps not the Queen Kahuna style - I personally like the figure-8 cast-on best.

marit said...

The pattern is really cute! I've printed out both versions, but haven't decided wether to knit toe up or top down yet...maybe I'll end up doing both-LOL.
Take care.

busyJ said...

Have started on my socks. I have never done a toe up sock so I am doing that. I am using Opal which I have never used before. I feels a little scratchy to me, but then the last two pair of socks have been out of tofutsie and bamboo and those are both really soft yarns
Love the pattern.

inukshuk71 said...

Thanks for working so hard to entertain us Anni. Hope you are getting your well deserved rest now. The socks look wonderful. I'm going to do the top down version (still too scared to try toe up).

Anni said...

Thank you everyone. Connie, your feet are the same size as mine and they fit me fine. Exactly how big they'll knit up depends on our tension and how thick the yarn is. Sock weight yarn vary a lot in thickness. I think they'll probably fit you perfectly. These socks are quite stretchy.

Jacqueline said...

Thank you anni for the great pattern. My daughter who has no interest in any kind of handiwork, saw the sock pattern as it was coming off the printer and declared she would love for me to make these socks for her, but darn the bad luck, she didn't like any of my yarn colors, so since we cant get to the store this weekend, I plan to make them out of yarn I already have and since she doesn't like the color I will be forced to keep them for myself, can't tell you how bad I feel. LOL