Sunday, 17 June 2007

You're all doing so well

I've loved looking at all the progress pics and finished socks this week. It's been a busy week and i've not had time to pop on every day. But I'm glad you all seem to be enjoying this months socks. Good to see so many knitting toe up too. I've not finished my pair yet. I only did one sock of each version to test knit the pattern before sending it out and I found my 2nd toe up sock today - I've only got the toe done, but instead of carrying on with that I cast on for a pair of plain toe up sock in Garnstudio Fabel for Simon and I've got the July pair on the needles.

Good news - I've decided to allow a few more members in for July. So if you've e-mailed me about joining over the last few weeks you'll get an invite within the next couple of weeks.

Tonight I'm doing lace knitting. I've got a new scarf design otn in Handmaiden Silk Lace (which I got at GetKnitted last week) and I've swatched for a new shawl design in a new single ply merino lace which I'm thinking about getting for my Etsy shop. It's so gorgeous to knit with and the colour I dyed it in looks gorgeous. Pics on my blog soon.

Happy knitting everyone. Can't believe some have finished already. I'll get around to starting a finshed list for this month soon. I was thinking I'd give everyone to July 7th to finish the June sock as the pattern went out late but I'll send out the july pattern on time so that we get back on track.

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