Tuesday, 3 June 2008

been away for awhile

Well the last socks I completed were the simply cables. Everyones socks look fantastic! I'm still 'alive' in sockwars, & thats one reason I've not been in touch here. I'm gonna have to sit this mo. out too b/c I have too many projects otn & really need to finish them so I can knit my socks again. Thanks for all the dresign work Anni!!! &n to those who help out with the site & google too, don't know your names but I know you deserve a thanks too.

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Clari said...

You're absolutely right, JulieB. BarbW and Pixie deserve a great big thanks, too, for all their work on this site (and Ravelry).

I'm also still alive in sock wars and just got my next SIP's this morning so my May Day socks that I started are already put on hold. I'm hoping to get both May Day and at least start Rainforest socks done this month. Good luck on swiii.