Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Question on Rain forest socks : )

Hey everyone!

Well after much debating over the pretty patterns for this month I decided on the Rain forest socks, but now I'm stuck : )

I'm a little confused on how to get the socks started. After you CO on your sts what is the 26 pattern repeat you work? I'm thinking you work the chart but not sure about the twice part...then go into the K1 etc and then work the chart 6 more?

Thank you


Barb W. said...

After you cast on for example the larger size, which is 66 stitches. you would work the 26 stitches of the pattern, then repeating those same 26 sts, work those a second time. After the 2nd repeat is completed you would k1,p4, k4, p4, k1 on each round. This would give you your 66 stitches that were originally casted on.
Does this help?

dustinac said...

Thank you, barb w.!

I was just coming back to say I realized I was reading the directions wrong *sigh* : )