Thursday, 5 June 2008

New Yarn Called My Name

Yes, yes, I did say I was going into my stash for yarn for the Rainforest Socks, but a funny thing happened on the way to the stash. I needed anther skein of yarn to finish off the second sleeve of a sweater. So with due diligence I hurried to my LYS for the same dye lot. Whilst there a beautiful skein of sock yarn called my name, ever so insistently until I had to go over and touch it. After a bit of fondling and deciding that the blue theme to it was "rainforestie" it ended up in the bag with the other skein of yarn. Oh well....a yarn diet is just too hard. I bought something called Yummy from Fibranatura. It is 130 grams/370 yards and is pot dyed. Must finish the sweater before casting on. I have too many UFO's lolling about my house. Show me a spotless house and I'll show you a boring woman or dust is a protective coating for furniture :) 'til later, Debi

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craftymummy said...

""Show me a spotless house and I'll show you a boring woman""

Housework or crafts?? No contest!