Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I'm so sorry I'm very, very late announcing the winners of various draws. It's been a busy week and at the moment I'm so tired I'm going all cross eyed but I thoguht I might as well get it out of the way. LOL. I taught a laceknitting workshop today which I loved but it's very exhausting.

Winners of the normal finished socks prizedraw are:

Sockergirl and Clari

I also promised a prizedraw for anyone who posted pics in progress of their socks and the winner of this draw is:


And finally the competition I almost forgot. Who could list 12 months of Sockamania patterns.

Here's the correct list:

007/05 May Day
2007/06 River Valley
2007/07 Serpentine
2007/08 Spiralling
2007/09 Noughts n Crosses
2007/10 Elegance
2007/11 Ripples
2007/12 Snowflakes
2008/01 New Year
2008/02 Simply Love
2008/03 Simply Cables
2008/04 Bluebell

and the winner is 'Put a sock in it'.

All winners please e-mail me on yarnaddictAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk (replace AT and DOT with appropriate @ and .) and let me know which skein of yar nfrom my Etsy shop you'd like.

Is anyone knitting the Celebrations Stole? It was a free bonus pattern in May and the knitalong carries on until end of June. those who have finished by then and post a pic will be included in a special prizedraw. The Celebration Stole pattern is now for sale on Etsy together with the Celebrations Socks.

Happy knitting,



Jennifer said...

I'm knitting the stole! Trying very hard to have it done on time...

Barb W. said...

I am finished and ready to block. Photos will be posted this weekend.

Sylvia said...

I cast on Thursday morning. I then left town for my son's wedding. Home again, I will pick it up again. And then pick out which sock pattern to knit for June.