Friday, 13 June 2008

June Progress Report

I have started my Celebration Stole. I like the way it is knitting up. Still on the first repeat on the first half. I don't know if it will be finished in time for the drawing.
I chose to do the Speedway Socks. I love this pattern! It is knitting quickly. The pattern is easy to memorize, and it is fun to watch the self-striping yarn work up in this pattern. These socks will be finished in no time at all!


Sandy and Steve said...

Nice work, Sylvia! Is that the knitpicks lace yarnI ordered for you? Pretty!

Anni said...

Love the stole, what yarn are you using?

Sylvia said...

I am using Knit Picks Gossamer in the blue jeans colorway. I love blue. And for this pattern, the varigated yarn doesn't take away from the design.