Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Simply Cables - Help please!

I need some advice from someone with more sock knitting experience than me! This will only be my 4th pair of socks and I'd like to make these for my 3yo ds - anyone got any tips on how to scale the pattern down?

Am I right in assuming the pattern is over 6 stitches, so as long as I make my CO a multiple of 6, it will work?

Does this make sense?



not just a mom said...

Well, I almost gave myself a heart attack - couldn't find the pattern - but all is well.

The actual pattern requires a minimum of 10 stitches . You need two groups of 4 for the cables (they alternate the cabling pattern) and then 2 stitches for the purls between the cables.

Depending on how many stitches you need, you can add more stitches between the cables. For example, you could go with as little as a repeat of 10 (two cables and 1 purl between them), or increase by adding purls.

Graphically it's:
C (4 stitches), purl, C (4 stitches), purl.

Hope this helps.

craftymummy said...

Thank you!! I should be able to make it work now.