Monday, 2 June 2008

silent member

Hi ,
i´m a silent member so far, because i could not show my first sockamania socks....still working on the simple cables.....knitting time is so little, knitting speed is very low.....and my english is "eingerostet", dont know the word.
so, im would be glad not to be delated, as i try my best to show something at the end of june, because then i will have two weeks off with more time to knit!!

love to everyone

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blueberries in the fields said...

knitting is meant to be fun and to be a relaxing activity. Sockamania is a place to share our work, to give and receive advice, to admire others great socks. Please, do knit at your own pace and someday i am sure you will have a beautiful pair of socks to show us ! I am a newbie since february and so far only managed to knit 2 pair of the sockamania socks. What is important is to feel pleasure when you knit your socks. Even if it takes time. And your english is just fine. :)
p.s. eingerostet would mean rusty...
Tchüss ! :)