Monday, 30 June 2008

Summer's Rainforest

Here are the Rainforest socks in Petticoat Opal yarn. The same color way as Meike used with her sock's this month. Nice pattern!
Thanks for last months yarn. I know it is in the mailbox. I'll get a picture when I get home.


not just a mom said...

Wow - what a difference the pattern makes. I can't believe it's the same yarn totally - it's a completely different effect. I love the way the stripes undulate in this pattern.

Mieke said...

The colour of the yarn shows much better on this picture than on mine. This pattern works really good on the self-striping yarn as well. I sure will try this pattern soon (on another yarn) my 'stock' of petticoat opal is now gone.

Judy said...

Love those stripes. Nice socks.