Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Got Guage?

Great Guage Tip! This is one of those things you read and then do the duh! "I could a had a V-8" forehead slap. This is so kewl.For those of us who actually swatch....since knitting in the round is slightly different gauge than knitting flat...cast on about 60 stitches, join with out twisting, and devide among 3 needles...each of a different size. Knit the first section with a size 1 needle, second section with a size 2 needle and third section with a size 3 needle. You will have your gauge in the round for that yarn with 3 different sized needles. How kewl is that?. Knit a good 4 inches for your swatch. You may want to wash it and block it before measuring it to insure a great fitting sock. This is easier than knitting 3 swatches. I cannot take credit for this as I KNOW I read it somewhere. Just sorry I cannot remember who is due this credit.
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Bronchitkat said...

Thanks for the great tip, Debi.

So far _when_ I've tried knitting for gauge I've only done it on one size of needle at a time, & in the round it's a pain.

Jackie Knits said...

What a super idea!!

I'll have to do that when I need to swatch in the round again.

But honestly, I seldom swatch - with socks, I usually just wing it!!

quiltingseagull said...

What a great idea!! I'll be doing this for now on for sure.