Saturday, 3 May 2008

Celebration Socks (so far)

Happy 1st Birthday Anni and Sockamania!

Here are my socks so far. Since I know that Anni
doesn't mind, I'm doing these toe up as usual, and am also doing an afterthought heel. To keep the pattern symmetrical, I did a K2, then two repeats of the pattern (less the last 4 stitches), then ended with a K2. Then at the ankle, I moved the K2 stitches to the needle holding the remainder of the pattern.

Sounds more confusing than it is. The yarn turned out to be way more self striping than I had intended, but it looks pretty cool on (once the pattern is stretched out).

1 comment:

Sandy and Steve said...

Very pretty yarn! Thanks for the tips on making the pattern work toe-up. that's how i always do mine too.