Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Celebrations done with time to spare.

I finished these Monday, tried to post yesterday and did it today.. They are done in Patrons Kroy Socks, colorway Fancy Free. I used KP Harmony(which I absolutely adore!!) size 1(foot) & 2(leg since I was knitting tightly because of the cables) ML. I knit them toe up and did a sewn cast off.

I bought this yarn over a year ago and decided that I didn't really like it. (I have become somewhat of a yarn snob. LOL) But it was in my meager stash so I had to go ahead and use it. I knit up nicely but feels a trifle heavier than I am used to using.


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not just a mom said...

Summer colors in heavy socks equals some summertime smiles in the middle of winter. Your socks look great.