Sunday, 11 May 2008

May Day socks!

I would love to show you pictures of these socks from all angles (I did take many), but I'll restrain myself with just one photograph. :o) I like this pattern so much, I'm going to knit another pair, but with a totally different yarn. I thought this would stripe, but it didn't really. You might have thought, that the color name "Crazy Color" would have given me a hint. It's Regia by the way, I like knitting with it, and I like especially how durable it is. I like the colores too, but am not a fan of strange color pooling, but the pattern makes up for it big time. I was so happy to get this pattern, that I cast on at once! Now I'm not going to knit another pair of socks this month. Two pairs is enough. So much else on my to do list. :o)

I didn't get a third repeat in for the foot, so I made two full ones, and improvised until I started decreasing for the toes. I made the small size, with 64 stitches, on 2.5mm needles.
Thank you, Anni, for this lovely pattern!


not just a mom said...

It is amazing how different the yarn looks on the foot and in the pattern! I think the pooling looks wonderful. You've inspired me to try this pattern on some Regia yarn I got in a swap that I've been unsure of.

Dave said...

These are gorgeous. I really like the movement of the stitches. Doesn't hurt that they're in my favourite colours either. :-)

dustinac said...

I'm hoping to CO to the May socks soon...I love how yours look in those colors...very pretty!! : )