Tuesday, 6 May 2008

simply cables... at last !

At last, i decide to take a minute and post a pic from my simply cables socks. I finished them just about a week after the deadline, but then we bought a new computer and it took a while for my husband to reconfigurate everything, so i was not able to post my socks sooner. I made these socks for my daughter who lives and studies in Belgium. I thought i would knit a shorter leg so she could wear them during the summer. I just love them, they are so comfy and the pattern was really fun to knit. I am actually knitting another pair for myself. There won't be blue bells socks for me to show. I tried to knit the pattern and i gave up. I am pretty new at fair isle and the leg was way too tight and it was all bumpy...Very unattractive. So i put the pattern in a file for future use. the new pattern is

absolutely lovely and i really have to go shopping and try to find a special yarn color for this one. Congrats to the blue bell winners!

yarn: fabel from Garnstudio avocado colorway

knitting needles. # 2.25 metric size


Clari said...

So pretty. I love the colors, such happy colors.

blueberries in the fields said...

thanks ! and the yarn is so fun to knit with ! fabel is fabulous !!:)