Friday, 2 May 2008

Long Awaited Ripples

I've been a very bad Sockamaniac lately, but I finally do have an FO to post. How sad is it that they are November's Ripples socks?? :-)

In my defense, I did try them in November, but had terrible fit issues using the smaller needles I prefer. I finally went up to 2.5 mm needles, and using a basic Cat Bordhi recipe, succeeded in getting an OK fit (still a bit tight going over the heel, but I think that's because the bamboo content in the yarn gives them less stretch?). Oh, and they have actually been done for maybe 2 weeks now....I think I was too ashamed of the delay to post them!

Knitting 012

Yarn: Posh Yarns Lei

I'm going to give them to my mom for Mother's Day if they fit her. If not, they're all mine, because they're super-yummy! :-)


not just a mom said...

They look great. The Ripples also took me the longest, but are my favorites!

Tama said...

Very pretty. The yarn is a great color and perfect for that pattern. I love the Ripples pattern--one of my favorites!

Sandy and Steve said...

They ARE yummy! I have some of Anni's bamboo blend yarn that I'm eager to try. It won't be the May socks, though, because the bamboo is slated for brother and May's socks are definitely girl socks.