Thursday, 1 May 2008

I'm done

Damned Blogger gave me issues again! I started trying at 11:57pm (NY time) to post but I guess finally posting just after midnight doesn't count, huh? Oh, well, here is the picture of my completed socks anyway. They are fresh off the needles that's why they look so wonky. Can't wait to see May's pattern.


Barb W. said...

Your socks are beautiful and they were included in the draw.
The blogger is not going to change, so when posting you'll have to be patient with it. If you have problems again, don't forget to send a message to the e-dress on the blogger side bar asking for help.

psalm127 said...

Great Job! I have problems posting all the time, it gets frustrating when it is a time crunch. Now we can start Mays!!!