Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May 2008 socks are done!

After so much trouble getting to this pattern, I had to cast on at once. Thank you so much for your help, Pixie! I can't quite believe it myself, but they are done. Of course I had a slight advantage, since I had a finished toe sitting on my coffee table for a couple of weeks. That's also the reason why I did mine toe up. I've cast on with this yarn for three different socks, nothing worked out, but I think this stitch pattern is O.K. with this yarn. I didn't want to make a plain vanilla sock with it. I also made a cuff, just because I like my socks that way. They are still wet in this picture, that's why I didn't want to pull them on my feet for a picture yet. Here are some specs:

yarn: Lucy Neatby's Celestial merino sock yarn, colorway : Honeypot, 2-ply
needles: 2.5mm for the foot and 4 inches up the leg, than I switched to 2.75mm, but didn't have to, now they are a bit loose
size: large, my feet are 10.25 inches long

I made 11 cable twists on the leg, plus the cuff, which makes them 7 inches long. I didn't have too much yarn left over either.

Unfortunately I don't have a long life expectancy for these socks, because of all the frayed places, throughout the skein. It must have been a faulty yarn, that's too bad, because I like how they look all knit up.

I first got attracted to this sock club, when I saw the May 2007 socks pop up on other blogs. I sincerely hope this will be one of the patterns, Anni is planning on making available this month. That would be awesome! :o)
Thank you, Anni, and happy Anniversary!



blueberries in the fields said...

oh my, you are so quick !!! did you getany sleep or you just knitted non stop night and day. :)
just kidding...Absolutely gorgeous socks, love the color !

Clari said...

The color is great and your work is beautiful!

psalm127 said...

Wow that was fast, sure wish I could see the picture. I bet they are beautiful