Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Celebrations "Done"

I "finished" the May Celebration socks last week, but am posting this week to allow time for finishing them fully.

Honest, they'd be finished by now if I knew the recipient. As 'tis they're in the Present stash awaiting assignation, when they'll get finished properly, wrapped & given. The idea is to save all that hectic pre-Christmas knitting, particularly as a lot of family birthdays also occur Sept-Dec. I think it's called Organisation, or something. Of course, it'll only work if I now put them somewhere safe, with knitting details, then remember where that is come gift season!.

Knitted in Regia Bamboo color 4-ply (45% bamoo, 40% wool, 15% nylon)


Monika said...

That's kind of funny! I like the idea too. :o)

Bronchitkat said...

I'm just wondering whether it qualifies as having 'finished' them!

dustinac said...

That's a neat idea...usually I'm trying to rush at the middle of Dec...great socks : )

Holly said...

I love the color! I think that i chose the same colorway for my socks this month!