Sunday, 4 May 2008

May Celebration -- In Progress

As soon as I saw the pattern I knew it would make a great pair of short socks to wear in the summer. I casted on, added 10 rows of k2, p2 at the top and began. A few false starts later, I was on my way. I completed the ankle (did 4 sets of the pattern), turned the heel and began the gusset. Then it happened, the pattern was not lining up as it should to continue smoothly into the foot. What to do? Should I pull it back and redo the heel so everything was in line, or continue and finish, with just a plain knitted foot. I opted for the latter. My first sock is completed and I am into the second. I wasn't sure if I would like what I did, but I do. Call it a screw up in reverse, but I like the finished product so much I am planning on making more. I am using Berrocco Comfort Sock in white.

Congratulations Anni on the First Anniversay of Sockamania. Looking forward to another year of wonderful patterns.


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Jackie Knits said...

I really like what you did to change the sock a little bit. Gives me some inspiration! I also think they look fabulous in white -
I just might end up being a copycat this month! Hope you don't mind!