Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sweet celebration socks finished

During knitting this socks the colour of the yarn all the time remembered me of sweets we call 'Spekkies' (for most of you it are Marshmellows).

I am happy with the result but are still not sure if I want to add some cuffs on the socks. They are quit wide now.
The yarn is from
colour: Frühlingsblüte
(wool, cotton, silk), needles: 2,75 (bamboo)

On the second photo you can see the colour
of the yarn (and the 'spekkies') much better.

I hadn't been eating them for years.
They are very sweet.

Thank you Anni for this patten, I am sure I will make it again.


Kate said...

How cute, and those marshmellows looks yummi.

Sandy and Steve said...

I've never seen marshmallows in colored twists like that. The only time I eat them at all is when we go camping--what we call s'mores. For the uninitiated, you toast a marshmallow over the campfire on a stick until it's all melty, then sandwich it between two graham crackers with pieces of a thin chocolate bar (Hershey's over here). If you don't have a campfire, you can use the microwave. Yum! Oh, and your socks are lovely.

Deb said...

I love the color!

karina said...

I love the colours of your sock. very pretty and they do look just like the marshmallows.