Saturday, 17 November 2007

Dumb Question

This is my first month knitting with Sockamania. I've turned the heel on my first sock and began working the Gusset when the instructions say "pick up 16 sts from one side of the heel flap and ktbl." What is ktbl?

When you all get done chuckling, please clue me in. I'm having so much fun with these socks and don't want to loose momentum.



Licia said...

Knit thru back loop.

I'm just starting knitting, so reading and responding to blogs helps the learning process.

Happy stitching!

Deb W said...

Thank you,licia. I appreciate your quick response.

nj2 said...

It got me too, in the beginning. I always thought that the first time they should write it out with the abbreviation after in parenthesis and then continue on with the abbreviation. So much easier. But then, I am just now learning to knit from charts. They could just write it out in the chart keys, tho, couldn't they!

psalm127 said...

My question is after picking up the sitches how do you knit thru back loop right after putting them on your needle. I wind up ktbl when I come around again. Don't know if that is what you are suppose to do but it has worked for me. If any one can tell me the right way that would be a big help

BeadKnitter said...

If it works, then that's what you do. There's not necessarily a right or a wrong way of doing it. Doing it your way so it comes out right is best.