Friday, 9 November 2007

November Ripples

Right, I haven't done any of the stuff I was supposed to do this week, BUT my Ripples socks are all done!

While I agree that the pattern is actually quite easy, I had some trouble. I was a tiny bit ambitious with this one (never knitted lace before etc...) and ran into a few problems which were all caused by my inability to do simple math.
66 divided by 3 is very clearly 23, or? Anyone dare to disagree? ;)
Anyway, I got there in the end. There are a few mistakes in the socks, one of them has a few rows mixed up (counting is really hard, and asking me to count to 4 is really asking for a lot...LOL) but I'm really happy how they turned out! If anybody is willing to read a slightly longer version of how these socks came into being - it can be found on my blog.
I used 4ply Opal sock yarn in a dark blueish green.

Anni, again, thank you so very much for this beautiful pattern!

Sweet dreams to all!

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Pixie said...

Great socks and I have done similar, maths, not my strong point.. at least you got there in the end and well worth the effort