Thursday, 15 November 2007

No Progress to show

After working for most of yesterday on the November pattern and then having to rip, I've decided to put this month's pattern on hold. Here's how it went: I started the sock on size 2 needles and after working about 2 inches I thought that it was going to be too big, so I went down a size. Unfortunately, I didn't measure again after I'd knit about 2 inches on the smaller needles. When I did (after turning the heel and knitting 1 more pattern repeat) I couldn't get the sock over my heel! I was so disappointed with myself, that I just couldn't cast on for the same, lovely, easy to follow pattern...It is a great pattern, Anni, and I look forward to working it later on. In the meantime, I plan to finish some of the previous month's socks that I still have on the needles.



Barb W. said...

Sue, I felt the same way about the Ripples pattern. More than once I looked at it and asked myself if it was going to be too big. I think adding the 10 rows of k1,p1 ribbing at the top made the ankle fit better.

Pixie said...

What a shame Danielle, mine has come out slightly too big for me.. luckily my sister has fat legs (her words) so she is going to have them.. will do the rib as you have suggested Barb w as they still need pulling in a bit.
Good luck with your other socks :)