Monday, 19 November 2007

Ripples ready!

Ron the cat is unimpressed by my Ripples, but I am pleased with them! I didn't want to use my Sockamania club yarn, cos it is so beautiful and these are a gift for a friend at work, and sometimes I can be very mean and selfish! Instead I used up 2 orphan balls of Regia Ringels, 2 different colours but both with a navy background, so I was able to stagger the balls easily, and I love the effect of the stripes going into the stripey lace sections. I am eager to know what December holds now!


Pixie said...

Bless Ron the cat.. I can see why you are pleased with them, they look great :)

Barb W. said...

Your comments about why you didn't use your Sockamania yarn made me laugh. Reminded me of the current Verizon commercial: "Savin' the best for numero uno".