Sunday, 4 November 2007

Woo-hoo! Finished on time (sort of!)

Yay! I finally finished a pair of socks before the deadline--although in this case, only because of the extended deadline. :-) Still, I'm proud of making *SOME* kind of deadline. Here they are:

Yarn is Posh Lucia, in the sock club colourway from June (I think everyone received a unique colour in June, so I don't know what the name would be). Lovely and soft and I think my stepmother will love them. For once, I made basically no modifications to the pattern, except I went down to 13 sts on each needle for the toe. But I really enjoyed knitting these, and found them very speedy. The cable is a *bit* tight, but I think it will fit the intended recipient well!


Pixie said...

Great socks and fab yarn choice

Anni said...

Love the socks the colour of that yarn is just so gorgeous.