Thursday, 29 November 2007

In the Naughty Corner

My first Ripples sock has been in the naughty corner for a bit over a week now, but I am pulling it out tonight to give it another go. Obviously I will not be meeting the deadline! :-)

I started the leg ages ago and flew through it. I love the pattern, and the yarn I've been using, Posh Lei, is scrummy:

I merrily knit along, finished the heel flap, and was onto the foot. I decided to knit the foot in stockinette as I like a plain foot sometimes in my boots. When I got about halfway done the foot I decided to try them on. It's hard to see in the picture, but most of the sock fits great. However, there is one row right at the ankle that is really, really tight:

I described the problem on Ravelry, although I don't think I explained myself very well. I received a lot of great suggestions, although most would result in a bigger foot, and since the foot itself isn't too tight, I didn't really want to try that. After some reflecting, I have ripped out the foot and the heel and am currently picking the leg stitches back up. I'm going to knit a couple of extra rows of stockinette before I start the heel. Then I'll see where I am, and possibly knit a longer heel flap and pick up more stitches for the gusset if needed--but I think it may not be, since it was just that one row that was tight.

Anyway, I do love the pattern, and I WILL finish them and post the final photos here someday soon, I hope. :-) And I really love seeing everyone else's. It's fun to see how different they all look depending on the yarn, toe-up v. toe-down, and other personal interpretations and touches!


Pixie said...

That is a shame it didn't work out, the yarn is lovely and will love to see the finished ripples :)

Isobel said...

The colour of this yarn is gorgeous. Hope they fit better after frogging.