Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hi from CO!

I have been having such a difficult time with Blogger!!! Today is the first time I've been able to get in for probably close to two months! Every time I try to log in ... it opens window after window, one right after another ... never giving me time to even enter my log-in. I end up having to close the task in the task manager ... Anyone else having this problem??!!

Anyhow ... I definitely wanted to check in ... as I DON'T want to be removed from this group! I'm loving the patterns ... even though I haven't finished one yet ... ( though I have several socks going!!! lol)



Barb W. said...

Occasionally I have problems with the blogger, but not like your having. What happens to me is after I type the message and add the photo, it won't load to the blog. I will then get an error message telling me to try again in 5 minutes. After three or four attempts it will usually give up and work.

not just a mom said...

I had a horrible time too, but kept trying. Blogger also doesn't like for me to add pictures :(

Tactless Wonder said...

Run a virus scan...the 10,000 window openings is how I found a couple trojan horses in my classroom computers a couple years ago. The windows start by being annoying but innocuous. But they get worse...opening pages you really don't want opened.

Good luck.