Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Elegance Socks - Knitting Okay, Blogging Woes

I finished my Elegance socks, toe up and love them. Today it is finally cool enough to wear socks, so they're on my feet! Great pattern Anni.

I took a picture of my lovely feet in my new socks, but discovered that the thing that I need to upload my pictures is missing. Beautiful socks, lovely feet to model them, and no way to show it.

To create a picture for you; my socks are toe up, with the large feet cables, done on a size 1 needle in Knit Picks Clematis Heather Palette (purple). I'd never done a sewn binding, but really like how stretchy it is.

- Jeannette


Pixie said...

What a shame we can't see your finished socks.. they sound great

Barb W. said...

I would also love to see your finished socks. Was the reason you couldn't post a photo because of something on your end or that the blog wouldn't allow you?