Saturday, 10 November 2007


My Elegance socks are done!

Further details on my blog.

Thanks for the lovely pattern Anni! I had fun knitting the socks and they've received many compliments.


Anonymous said...

Those are quite lovely and I am partial to green.

Monika said...

I Love the color green, right besides orange. This colorway is awesome! Nice socks too! ;o)

Pixie said...

I can see why the compliments they are lovely

Bearium said...

They look great and I love that green!

dove said...

Hi Ox Knitter,

I had fun seeing the colorway on your socks. I have fallen in love with greens, golds, browns and reds as of late- it probably deals with my love of fall.

I like the closeup in the second picture. Your knitting skills are so nice and even, way to go!

Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us, Dove