Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Finished Ripples

I had doubts earlier today that I would get these finished on time, but here they are, at last.
I loved this pattern! Definitely one I will make again. The yarn colours are gorgeous and although I don't normally mix a varigated with a lace pattern, I like that the yarn "talked me into it" :).



Pixie said...

Pretty socks Karin. what is the yarn I love the mix of colours.

Sarah said...

These are real beauties - I think the variegated yarn with this pattern was an inspired choice.

Karin said...

Thank you :)! The yarn is from One Planet (I put a link on my blog - wasn't sure if it was OK to have one here).

Pixie said...

Thank you Karin, for the name of yarn.. and yes its fine to say what yarn you use.. we are nosey like that lol..
Seriously it helps to know what works good with a certain pattern

Anna Marie said...

I love the way the ripples show with the variegated yarn. I didn't get to make these socks this month. Hopefully I will feel better in December. Congratulations on getting the socks finished this month. They are beautiful. I am jealous!