Thursday, 15 November 2007

My finished post

I was having so much trouble posting last night that the sock info is missing.

I used Woolarian Handpaintd yarn from I'm glad you liked the look. It's wonderful to knit with. I used 2.5mm Addi's magic loop. This pattern was so easy to memorize and to knit. I could not believe haw they flew off the needles.

I love these patterns. I find I'm already waiting for next month's design.
hugs and happy holidays.
Sue F in Palo Alto, CA


Barb W. said...

This blog is like that old children's poem - "When it is good it is very, very good. When it is bad it is horrid."
At times it has taken me numerous attempts before I successfully post my message. If there is a photo it might take longer.
I have learned that once I type in my message I copy it and either save it to word document or just let it hold on the clipboard. In the event that I do have to go back and reconstruct the post, it is easier to just paste in my original copy instead of having to remember what I wrote and retype the message.

alisonrunrigfan said...

I must have a go at the Magic Loop method - do you know of any good tutorials online anywhere? I like the "flew off the needles" bit - I am in a race against time to get my Christmas knitting complete - I expect we all are!

Pixie said...

Thank you Sue, for coming back and posting the info to go with your lovely socks.. that yarn is gorgeous.
I love the magic loop way of knitting..

Alison a great site for learning and watching a video is here

alisonrunrigfan said...

Thanks so much, Pixie, I will give that a look this weekend and maybe do next month's socks that way!