Sunday, 4 November 2007

Elegance Sock for October

They are done at last I didn't think that I would get them done on time. Started Oct. 21 and finished Nov. 3. I knit them out of Lime and Violet's Vampyra Sock yarn, colorway Chakotay, 100% merino wool, knit-up with Clover Bamboo needles No.1. The only change I made if the pattern was to use 6 stitches in the cable. I didn't like just 4 and 8 was to many for big feet (size 9) I wanted the cable to show up they get lost in the yarn.
I loved the pattern and thank you Anni for all your work you do on these patterns I hope to get to November's sock but the contract work is piling up on me and I don't know when I will get it all done. But thats the fun of this time of the year.


alisonrunrigfan said...

Lol - these look great, even better times 7!!!
Is this some kind of cunning plan to get 7 entries in the draw methinks?

Dorene said...

Oh, were these 7 posts all the same? I hadn't noticed. ;P

Pixie said...

These are great , love the colours