Tuesday, 13 November 2007

How do you do it?

All you sooo prolific knitters amaze me!! How do you get so much knit? Some of you seem to finish a pair while I'm still casting on!

My DD#3 wore holes in the bottom of her favourite handknit socks so we tossed them Friday. Saturday I found a great colourway of TOFUtsies perfect for her. She imediately picked the Ripples pattern for her new socks. I've cast on and am nearly through the 7 repeats of the first sock. If the weather cooperates tomorrow I'll post a picture. I'm using sz 1 (2.5) circulars and I knit four garter rows at the top rather than just three. After the heel turn I'll switch to sz 0 needles.

I had a terrible time logging in to blogger. The log in window kept crashing Netscape. I was only able to log in after I switched to Explorer.

Ravelry: annaotherthing2

( Going to see if I can post this for you Anna.. hope you don't mind Pixie)

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