Thursday, 15 November 2007

Elegance and Ripples

I finished my first Elegance sock a few days ago. Sadly I didn't make the deadline, even for that one sock. I really loved the pattern. The cable is gorgeous and very simple to do. I had to increase stitches on the back of the leg so that they would fit my mom, so now I have a wide purl channel at the top of the leg. It looks neat that way.

Elegance sock #1

I used Lime & Violet Sasquatch yarn in Tinker.

I also cast on for the Ripples Socks. I have knit part of a foot so far.


I think that the yarn I used (Hand Jive Nature's Palette in Mallard Green) is thicker than what I usually use because 66 stitches, which usually fits me just fine was coming out really big. I ended deciding to make these for a friend whose feet are the perfect size for them. I'll try to get at least one sock done by the end of the month.


Barb W. said...

My experience with the Ripples pattern is that it give the appearance of running larger than usual. An option would be to drop down a needle size on the foot and then change back up for the heel and ankle.
The yarn your using is beautiful and your friend is very lucky to be the recipient.

Pixie said...

Love your elegance socks and your ripples are making a good start.. love the yarn choices in both :)