Wednesday, 30 May 2007

ADHD socks

I have ADHD. And when I say "I have ADHD", I really mean --oh, my tea is done!

Sorry, couldn't resist that old chestnut. Anyway, I'm a bit better at multi-tasking than most people, and a bit more distractible when the multi-tasking list gets full. (When I'm under a lot of stress, on bad days this list can only handle two items.)

Knitting has really helped with the ADHD. I wish I'd learned that knitting during classes allowed all of the mental energy that I'd been directing towards "I must sit still and not be obnoxious" to be freed up for learning ages ago.

But the type of knitting that's best for me and my ADHD is "plain vanilla knitting." Stockinette, lace with a four row repeat, that sort of thing. Stuff I can pick up, work on, put down when I need to do something else, and pick up once more when the time is right and not have to worry about counting repeats or anything like that.

This pattern is lovely. I began making it for a friend, and right now I really want a pair for myself. Alas, I only have one sock and an inch of ribbing on the second sock done so far, so it might be a bit. Que sera sera, and I really need to learn to knit faster!

(I don't know when I'll be able to post pics of my lack of progress. DH loaned the digital camera to friends of ours to document their remodel. Does talking about the sock on my blog count?)


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