Thursday, 10 May 2007

Pair done but I cheated

Yes, I was a bad girl and fudged the foot part of my sock because the M1 through the back loop knitwise and purlwise stitches proved too much for my old fingers. My arthritis has gotten a little harsher with the change of season and although the design is absolutely beautiful, I just couldn't bring myself to continue the design on the foot, so I did 3 x 1 ribbing, which doesn't really go with it, but I still like my mismatched socks all the same; the yarn is so soft!

I knit the larger size and had already started when Anni spotted the reversed stitches on the chart. I didn't frog and kept on going with the corrected pattern and I can't really tell the difference at all so all is well Anni, don't worry about your pattern, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Many thanks and you don't have to include me in the draw as I cheated my way through this pair.


Linda said...

They look good. :0) It's nice to see everyone's interpretations of the same pattern (and it's definitely not cheating IMHO). :0)

Put a Sock in it said...

They're lovely. :) I don't consider it a cheat either, FWIW.

Catherine Kerth said...

i love how the colors worked up! Orchid is one of my favorite colorways and it looks great with this pattern!