Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Trip to the frog pond and new beginnings

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After knitting 2 repeats of the Sockamania May pattern I had to stop and think. Did I like it or did I not?

Sockamania May Day sock pattern

This is what the sock looked like. I wasn't sure if the yarn/pattern really worked together and I almost liked better how the stockinette portion of the sole looked. Also, the knitted up sock didn't quite look like the others I'd seen knitted up here. Something about the stockinette portions looking more like chevrons than the diamonds I've been seeing on everyone else's socks. Would it have something to do with the way I do my Mp? So I just decided to rip back to the toe and start over, in plain stockinette.

May Day frogged

I think I like it better. The pink and the neon green spiral around the sock and that looks kinda cool!. The yarn I am using is Perchance to Knit in color Flash. It will be available as yarn4socks' June Artist of the Month starting June 1.

So after frogging the Sockamania May Day pattern I needed to find another yarn that I would think worked better. And this is what I came up with:

May Day try 2

The yarn is Scout's Swag in color Run Like Hell. I think that the semi-solid color will work better with the pattern. Even if I can't figure out why my sock didn't look like the others.


inukshuk71 said...

Pink, could it be perhaps that you started your sock toe up, but instead of following the chart in reverse from row 24 to 1, you read it in cuff down order (1 to 24)? It seems upside down to me the way you knit it, but perhaps my eyes are playing me a trick.

Anni said...

Love the new yarn. Beautiful colour.

Linda said...

I liked the yarn with the May Day pattern but it does look good in stocking stitch too. ;0) And I love the name of your new yarn - I can't wait to see how that looks knitted up. :0)