Monday, 7 May 2007

First sock done!

Got the first sock done. It is a little large, may have to give it to my DDIL, which is ok since she and my DD both wanted the socks and I am going to have to make 2 more pair. With the Tofutsies yarn I can get 3 socks out of the 100 g skein, so 2 skeins will do both my girls and my socks.


Laurie said...

Those look great!

Wow - 3 socks from one skein?? I'll have to try some Tofutsies, then!

busyJ said...

I weighed the whole skein and it was 3.7 oz. and then the finished sock and it was 1.1 oz. so I should be able to do 3 with a bit left over. Not bad.

Anni said...

I've got some Tofutsies. Didn't realise you can get that much 'sockage' from it. Brilliant. Socks are looking great. WEll done.