Monday, 7 May 2007


No, not frog pondering yet! I still haven't even cast on as I've been working on some socks I'd already started for my mother for Mother's Day.

BUT, I anticipate casting on sometime this week. I'd like some feedback from all of you, if possible. Here's the story: when I told my boyfriend that I had committed to knitting a pair of socks a month for the next few months, he scoffed! He insinuated that I wouldn't finish any of them on time. (He's not really being that much of a jerk; there had been an "incident" involving a pair of socks I started as a Christmas gift which weren't delivered until February. *sigh*) Still. I intend to prove. him. wrong. He's hinted before that he'd like a pair of socks, so I plan to make one of these Sockamania pairs of socks for him.

So, my question is, should I do this pair for him? Anni, will there be any masculine patterns later on? I thought this one might be nice because it doesn't look too overtly feminine to me, especially if I knit it in some gender-neutral colors. I have a skein of Trekking pro natura in browns and olive greens. I think it's the color shown here. Does anyone have any thoughts? Do you think this pattern would make a nice pair of boy socks? Or should I wait for a different pattern later on? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


Holly said...

Do you want to make your point?

Then knit these now. They are a gender neutral pattern. (I mean really, what is feminine about hexagons and diamonds if you do them in olives and browns).

She who laughs last, laughs best!


Anni said...

I think these will make nice 'boys' socks if knitted in a 'boyish' colour. As for future patterns - Idon't know is the answer. I've nto planned much further ahead than June so far although I have lots of ideas for future designs. Go for it and prove him wrong.

Paula said...

I just asked my son. He was joking around a little but he said "This part looks too lacy for dudes." He was referring to the little holes from the M1 sections of the pattern.