Saturday, 5 May 2007

Springing into May

It was not nice outside at all today. Just a faint drizzle of rain. Or at least that way my excuse for staying in rather than going out and helping my DH clean up the jungle.
May Day Socks completed
Knit out of STR in Lemon Grass, you can see that I messed around with the toes a bit. I like variety and the way I avoid Second Sock Syndrome is to change something so that I am not knitting the same sock twice. This was the small, knit on 2,75mm needles for the legs and 2,5 mm for the rest of the sock. I prefer the stripeing on the second sock to the pooling on the first.

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Anni said...

Gorgeous socks. I had a skein of that yarn arrive a couple of days ago and I'm busy knitting iwth it. First time I've knit with STR and it's gorgeous.