Sunday, 6 May 2007

Mayday, Mayday, chart virgin on the loose!

I've finally started my sock in the beautiful May Yarn Yard yarn (that would make a good tongue twister after a glass or two of something tasty). SO I thought I'd log on and see how everyone else is doing. Wow, so many socks finished already! I scrolled down a little further to look at some more, and then a bit further......and, Oh Horror! I've been knitting my sock (yes, it's still just the one) wrong. Having rather large feet, I am knitting the large size, and I did think it a bit strange the pattern was not symmetrical. But what do I know?? It's my first chart. Just knit it, I thought. Ooooops. Should've checked here with you girls. So I will have a slight variation of the mayday, as I just cannot bring myself to frog. A question for you all though, shall I do it's partner to match? It would be kind of interesting to see the difference, wouldn't it? And anyone looking that closely at my feet, well, they just wouldn't, would they? What do you think?


ndjen04 said...

I knit about a whole repeat or so of the socks before reading post about the chart change. Instead of frogging I just knit the rest of the sock the correct way and I don't think the difference is too terribly noticeable, at least not to me. As long as the socks are comfy, right? Besides, it's the little "imperfections" that make handmade items more special :-)

Kelly said...

oops! hehe
Oh well you'll always know that they were your first chart socks ;)

Anni said...

I'm so so sorry. I'd hoped by posting on here I'd catch everyone. I hsould have done another e-mail to everyone but after the trauma of getting the pattern out I just couldn't face it. I'm so sorry.

If you like the socks just leave them as they are. I think other people are. And again, I'm so so sorry. I'll check my charts more carefully next time.