Thursday, 3 May 2007


It was only a bit of ribbing last night, sitting lonely in my bag. The only good thing about meeting a carpool at 0730 for a ride to a ceremony is being able to knit for the 90 minutes up, and the return ride.

May Day has grown.

Holly's May Day started

The yarn is STR Lemon Grass in Medium. I did the top on 2,75mm needles, but have switched to 2,5 for the heel and the foot. I am never a yellow or green person, but this skein just said "Spring" to me.



ndjen04 said...

And a very pretty color green it is! :-)

Anni said...

I love that colour. I'm very into green at the moment. With purple/lilac shades, greens are my favourites. And that green is just fabolous. Can't wait to see it finished.