Saturday, 19 May 2007

Off the Needles!

Here you go! I'm amazed at how quickly these knitted up once I got going. Then again, I've been having trouble sleeping this last week, so I've been spending a lot more time with the needles than usual.

After my disaster with the first sock I was going to restart with a different yarn, but after going through my stash, I wasn't able to come up with anything else that I was happy with. So, I stuck with my original choice, and I'm really pleased I did. :)

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Tuscany. The photo seems to have come out really dull here, but there's a better one on my blog for anyone not familiar with the colourway.

The pattern was great to knit, and worked wonders at curing my previous aversion to purling through the back loop. :) All those instructions to Mp forced me to think about what I was doing, and before I knew it, I was pulling them off with aplomb, and feeling quite pleased with myself!

I used a tubular cast-on, working 13 rounds for the rib, and substituted a rounder toe for the one written.

Thanks for the fab pattern, Anni!

Put a Sock in it

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Anni said...

They look fantastic - well done. Love the yarn too.