Tuesday, 15 May 2007

May Day Sock Confusion

I am really enjoying looking at all the completed sock photos, each one is beautiful and so well done. Thank you for sharing, your photos have made me realize I am doing something wrong. I had a feeling something wasn't right last night, but I kept on going. This is my first attempt at socks, I thought I was doing pretty good, until I got to the instructions for the gusset. I think I got the first part about transfering and working needle 1,2,and3 and progressed thru round 1 instruction and then knit all the stitches on the three needles for round 2, but when I look at your socks I see you have the pattern on the top of your socks, mine have stockinette stitch all the way around for several rows. Was I suppose to do something different on needle 2 for the round repeats. I hope this make sense and someone can help me. I am stuck at this point. I had hoped to have the first sock done by today, but I keep forgetting, learning something new takes TIME!!!


Anni said...

Hi, sorry you're having problems. Just unpick back to after you've finished picking up for the gusset. Once you've picked up the stitches for the gusset and you start working in the round again you carry on working the chart on ndl 2 (the instep/top of the foot needle). If you look at the pattern, just below the gusset instructions it tells you what to do with the instep. If you need any more help just e-mail me. Hope you get back on track soon. Good luck

craftholder said...

Ok, Here is what I did. Started the heel after I finished the last row in repeat 2 of pattern (I only used 4 repeats total-short feet).left half the stitches hanging on needles 2 & 3 (these are the instep) worked gusset & heel on Needles 1 & 4. After picking up on side of flap started row 1 of pattern across needles 2 & 3 ONLY, st st on 1 & 4 .

Hope this helps.

Patricia in SC

Jacqueline said...

Thank-you to both of you for your help, I just got home from work, plan to feed the family, then get started on fixing the mistake. I will let you know if anymore problems. Thanks again for the quick response.