Thursday, 10 May 2007

Try number 2 is a success!

My second try ended up being the right one. I decided to do like Linda and do a toe-up sock and reading the pattern from row 1 to 24 unlike what I did the first time around which was reading from row 24 down to 1.
The yarn works much better and the pattern is actually doing what it's supposed to. The purl bumps are going under rather than sticking up and the diamond shapes are starting to show.

May Day pattern try 2

I am extremely pleased with it and look forward to having the pair finished. Congratulations to everyone that has a pair or one sock done already!


Linda said...

That's looking really good. :0) I love the colour, it's gorgeous.

Put a Sock in it said...

Very nice! :) I think the stitch pattern shows up better in this lighter yarn. Good choice!

inukshuk71 said...

You learn something everyday :) I was sure doing the sock toe up meant reading the chart down to bottom. It looks great in this colour. It's going to be lovely. I can't wait to see the first complete sock.

Anni said...

That looks fantastic.

Kelly said...

love the colour of this yarn. Hopefully this one works out for you!