Monday, 28 May 2007

I Give Up

I love the pattern and I love the yarn I'm using for the pattern. For some unknown reason, I'm having great difficulty with this pair of socks. I keep making stupid mistakes. This is what I've completed:
It doesn't look too bad in this picture, but it really is sloppy and isn't making me happy at all! Once I got this far, I decided to try it on - too small! My first mistake was that I cast on for the small size without even thinking about it; I have no idea why I did that - I have big feet.

I'm going to take a break and will probably do them after the June socks. This was not how I wanted to start this KAL. I will start June's socks at the beginning of the month so that I can finish them for sure!



Kathryn said...

That's a shame Julie. Hopefully a break will mean you go back to them refreshed and ready to finish them.

Put a Sock in it said...

I agree with Kathryn. Sometimes a wee break makes all the difference.

I love the way pattern looks in that yarn too.

Anni said...

what a shame Julie. The sock looks great in the pic and I love how the yarn knits up. Maybe you`ll be fine again after a break. Its nearly June anyway and a new sock pattern will be landing in your inbox in a few days.