Monday, 21 May 2007

Moving Slow

But at least I'm moving. I finished the second repeat of the leg on my first May Day sock yesterday. You may remember I was contemplating frogging it after the first repeat because I realized I was doing the Make One Purlwise wrong. After reading your helpful comments, I decided to just continue on. I actually decided to start doing them the right way and figured if there was a noticeable difference than I would frog. Whew! I can't see the difference; I think I was ending up with the same stitch but I was going about it the hard way. Here's the first cuff:

May Day Sock
What do you think? Any noticeable difference between the 2 repeats of the pattern?

I had better get busy working on these socks though, or I won't finish by the end of the month. I have just had so many things I've needed to get done this month that I've not had a lot of time to spend on them. That's going to change!



Kathryn said...

It's looking good Julie. I can't see a difference between the repeats.

I love the yarn you're using - what is it?

busyJ said...
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busyJ said...

They look the same. Love the little black dots that follow the knit rib around the top.

Anonymous said...

I'm using Trekking color #120; I heard the color was discontinued so I bought it on e-bay. I just love it; it reminds me of ice cream :)

Anni said...

I love the yarn too and the sock looks great. Can't tell the difference between the 2 mp at all.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, make that color #126. Sorry :)

Put a Sock in it said...

I can't spot any difference in the repeats.

The yarn is really good for this pattern; reminds me of ice cream too. :)

inukshuk71 said...

I can't see a difference. That yarn colour looks delicious. Reminds me of Napolitan ice cream (vanila, strawberry, chocolate)