Thursday, 31 May 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

BWEEP! BWEEP! Sorry - I admit WAY too much time was spent Monday painting, or between coats watching old WWII war movies. I think I'll just blame the fumes....

First let me express my condolences Anni -

My May Day socks are a tale I tell you. I got the pattern. COULDN'T WAIT to get started. And I knew just the yarn in the stash (trying to respect the budget....) I was going to use. I dug it out. Patted it a little. Remembered exactly how much I loved it when I bought it - and cast on.
Spent some time knitting the cuff. Worked into the pattern. Realized I hated the colors of the yarn. HATED. This is the result -

I tried for two weeks to finish this sock. And it still pretty much looks like this (although at this point a little more wadded up....).

I then had a little "outing" to a not so LYS and picked up this -

It really does look a lot more like a sock now.....I think once I finish the pattern repeat I am on it will be ready to start the toe.....however DS has "mislaid" the camera. And the pic from the phone looks a lot like it was taken under water......muddy water. So photo to come along with the fiber info.

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