Thursday, 31 May 2007

May Day Socks complete

Finished socks over here!!
I'm hoping this picture works. I'm using dial up right now and I know this picture is going to take forever to load *fingers crossed that it does*
I finished these about a week ago but with our move I haven't had a computer to post.
The only modification I has was that I did the picot edge at the cuff, everything else was just as the pattern said.

BLAST! ok so I can't get it to upload on the post but after much patience it eventually uploaded to flickr they are here
I used Hand Dyed Yarn by Sugar Bunny Blvd in colourway Kelly check out her etsy shop.


busyJ said...

Lovely socks, Kelli. I like the picot edge. Since I have to make two more pair of these I might do a picot on one of them and another edge on the other, just to be able to tell them apart. They are supposed to be triplets (out of the same yarn) for my girls and me. LOL

Kelly said...

the picot edge was my first ever and a very nice change to the plain cuff. Super easy to do, and the girls will love it!